4 Reasons to Consider Veneers as a Part of Your Smile Makeover

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Patients who are dealing with dental imperfections may look into veneers as part of a smile makeover. Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are placed over the teeth. They have a natural appearance and are typically made of composite resin or porcelain. For this treatment, the dentist removes some enamel off the teeth to prepare them for the placement of the veneers. An impression is made and sent off to a lab to customize the fit. A type of cement is then used to keep them attached securely to the natural tooth.

Why patients consider veneers

Veneers are a common solution for patients who are dealing with certain dental issues. They are generally faster to apply and less invasive than some of the other options available. The following are four reasons why patients should consider getting veneers to help improve their smiles.

1. Brighten discolored teeth

It is common for teeth to become discolored. This can occur naturally over time or may be the result of certain food or drinks, such as tea and coffee, which can cause staining of the teeth due to tannins. A smile makeover with veneers is an alternative to typical tooth whitening treatments and can help cover up mild stains as well as severe cases that tooth whitening products cannot fix.

2. Repair chipped teeth

Chips or breaks in the teeth are frequently seen in dental patients. These can be the result of an injury, biting down on hard items such as ice or hard candy, or teeth grinding (also known as bruxism). A tooth with a chip or break will need to be repaired immediately, and veneers are a beneficial treatment solution to restore the tooth and keep it looking natural. This option is most suitable for chips that occur in the front teeth, but patients may choose to get veneers on surrounding teeth as well.

3. Fix gaps

Patients with gaps in the teeth, also known as diastema, may want a smile makeover. Teeth that are spaced slightly widely or unevenly can be corrected into a straight and even smile by using multiple veneers to subtly reshape the tooth crowns. This can avoid the need for more extensive orthodontic work.

4. Correct misalignments

Misalignments of the teeth can happen for numerous reasons, such as bruxism, mouth injuries, gum disease, misaligned jaw or abnormally shaped teeth. Patients with teeth misalignment are at a higher risk of gum disease and cavities due to difficulties in maintaining proper oral care and may feel self-conscious. Veneers are useful to treat crooked teeth. They are a less invasive option compared to braces and the results are instantaneous following placement. Veneers work well for mild to moderate misalignments.


Patients who are dealing with issues such as discolored teeth, chipped teeth, diastema and misalignments may want a smile makeover. Veneers are a common treatment option that can easily fix these dental issues and restore a patient’s smile and confidence.

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