Cosmetic Dentistry Truths and Myths

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The many advancements in the dental field have made cosmetic dentistry more popular than before, and with this popularity comes inaccurate information. People turn to cosmetic dental procedures to change certain aspects of their oral cavity and improve their smile. This article debunks myths going around about cosmetic dentistry so patients can make a more informed decision about their smiles.

Truths and myths

The following are myths about cosmetic dentistry and the relevant facts to correct those myths. 

Myth 1: Cosmetic dentistry is painful

The improvements in anesthesia, technology and numbing agents allow the dentist to complete dental procedures with little or no discomfort to the patient. The only discomfort might be a slight pain during injections. Extensive dental procedures may leave patients feeling slightly sore afterward, but the dentist will recommend pain relievers to reduce discomfort. However, most common cosmetic treatments are totally painless.

Myth 2: Cosmetic dentistry can damage the teeth

Cosmetic dentists perform procedures that improve the appearance and health of the smile. A proper evaluation will be done before developing a treatment plan, which means they will not undertake a procedure if it will damage the teeth. The treatment is completely safe and does not cause any form of damage unless handled by an inexperienced and untrained dentist. On the contrary, some cosmetic dental procedures can prevent further damages to the natural teeth.

Myth 3: Cosmetic dentistry is only for the rich

Modern technology and techniques have made dental procedures more affordable than before. Some procedures which serve both restorative and cosmetic purposes, like dental crowns, are covered by some insurance providers. Besides, compared to the consequences of poor dental health and the embarrassment of having an unattractive smile, the investment in cosmetic treatments is often worth it.

Myth 4: The procedures make the teeth less natural

The reality is that most people will be unable to tell if someone has undergone cosmetic dental treatment simply by looking at their smile. Cosmetic dentistry leaves the teeth looking natural like before and only makes them brighter or better looking. Only a dental professional will be able to tell if someone has had cosmetic treatment. For any procedure, the dentist will try to match the color of existing teeth so everything blends in perfectly.

Myth 5: Cosmetic dentistry is only to beautify one’s appearance

Yes, cosmetic dentistry treatments can help enhance the smile, but that is not the only purpose. The procedures often serve functional purposes as well, like correcting teeth misalignment that may make eating uncomfortable. It can also restore broken teeth, which if not corrected, can cause severe pain and further damage. Also, sometimes, people who are embarrassed about teeth can also improve their self-confidence.

In conclusion

These are popular myths about cosmetic dentistry. If you have additional questions or are searching for more information, book an appointment with the dental office to get started.

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