Dental Teeth Cleaning From Your Family Dentist


At South Florida Dental Arts, we can clean your teeth in a way that is gentle and effective.  As a 33155 family dentist, our goal is to clean your teeth in such a way as to improve your overall oral health and the appearance of your smile.  As a Miami dentist, we can do so using our ultrasonic treatment, hand tools, and by polishing your teeth once done.  To learn more about receiving dental teeth cleaning from your family dentist, call (305) 230-4041.

South Florida Dental Arts Uses Ultrasonic Treatment Solutions

As a family dentist, we use ultrasonic technology to break up the tartar that has built up on your teeth over time. By brushing and flossing your teeth at home, you are helping to remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth, in addition to food particles. However, it is incredibly difficult to remove everything, and as a result, the tartar will build up on your teeth over time. If you have not visited the dentist in a while or have never received ultrasonic treatment, what tends to happen is that the tartar becomes a thick, white, hard layer that becomes impossible to remove at home. Tartar can become stained and contribute to the yellowing of your teeth. Our Miami, FL ultrasonic treatment works by breaking up the tartar using vibration rather than needing to scrape it off of your teeth. This is a less invasive treatment method that is far more comfortable for you as a patient.  It is also more effective and safer than scraping the plaque or tartar off would be.  Our 33155 patients notice the difference immediately, as their teeth appear whiter and have enhanced luster after the tartar has been removed.

Get More from Your Teeth Cleaning

  • We remove plaque and tartar. This is critical for the overall health of your teeth and gums since plaque can lead to decay and also gum disease.  The longer plaque and tartar remain on your teeth, the greater risk you have of developing these conditions.  As a family dentist, we understand the value of preventative care and how coming in for your teeth cleaning can save you time and money later on.
  • We use hand tools. After we have removed plaque and tartar using our ultrasonic treatment, we then use hand tools to remove any particularly stubborn tartar or tartar that has become trapped along or in between teeth.
  • Your teeth will be polished. Polishing your teeth will help to give them a smooth appearance and allow their luster to shine through. This step makes a significant difference to how your smile appears.

How many times should I visit a family dentist each year?

As a Miami, FL family dentist, we recommend that you visit us for teeth cleaning twice per year. Taking the time to visit our family dentist now will help to prevent you from needing to schedule an emergency dentist appointment later.  Regardless of how long it has been since you have visited a family dentist or what your oral health challenges may be, we invite you to visit our dental office and experience how convenient it is to visit a gentle family dentist. You can do so by calling (305) 230-4041 and scheduling an appointment.

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