Eating and Drinking With Snap-On Smile

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Snap-On Smile® is a great way to look your best by addressing gaps, stains, crooked teeth, and missing teeth. While they are not designed to be worn around the clock, Snap-On Smile® allows patients to ensure their smile is how they want it to be during life’s biggest and most important moments.

A guide to eating and drinking with Snap-On Smile®

Although it may take some time to adjust to the new feel of Snap-On Smile, eating and drinking are not typically much of a challenge for patients once they get used to the restoration. The following explains what living (eating, drinking, and talking) with Snap-On Smile is like and how to adjust quickly.

Is it difficult to eat and drink with Snap-On Smile®?

Most patients have no issues eating or drinking while they are wearing their Snap-On Smile. The restoration fits securely over existing teeth, and there is little to no risk of them coming loose during a meal. This is because the tray is made of a strong resin material that can withstand pressure while eating. Of course, as is the case with any restoration, certain foods may increase the risk of damage to the tray (see below).

Are there any foods or drinks that are off-limits?

Foods that are hard, sticky, or difficult to chew are not recommended while wearing Snap-On Smile. This includes but is not limited to tough meats (especially those that require tearing) such as chicken wings and ribs, as well as hard and sticky candies. There are no drink restrictions with Snap-On Smile. However, certain drinks, particularly dark beverages such as wine, tea, coffee, and soft drinks, are more likely to lead to early stains of your Snap-On Smile. It is also important to avoid biting down on ice cubes while wearing Snap-On Smile.

Will I have any challenges talking with Snap-On Smile®?

After adjustment, individuals typically have no trouble speaking clearly while wearing Snap-On Smile, and they often forget they are even wearing it after several hours. However, it is important to wear it at home for a while to give yourself time to adjust. As is the case with all types of restorations, it can take some time to get used to the feel and size of the Snap-On Smile.

How often can I wear my Snap-On Smile®?

Snap-On Smile is not intended to be worn all day, and it is primarily for special occasions. However, patients may be able to wear their Snap-On Smile every day for a limited time each day. It is also important to note that Snap-On Smile is not for patients who have oral health concerns such as cavities, and any oral health issues would need to be treated first.

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