The FAQs of a Root Canal Treatment

The FAQs of a Root Canal Treatment from South Florida Dental Arts in Miami, FLA root canal treatment may sound terrifying, but it is a necessary procedure. This procedure has a reputation for being uncomfortable. It is no wonder that you might want more information about what to expect. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of a root canal.

How does a root canal work?

The simple explanation of the root canal is that it is all about clearing the dead root inside a tooth. The dentist drills a hole into the tooth, a canal, and cleans out the root and pulp. A root canal treatment is complete in a couple of appointments. It is an effective treatment to save a tooth and relieve existing discomfort.

What are the signs a root canal treatment is needed?

One of the first signs is the pain that can happen. The tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed due to decay or a cracked tooth. If left untreated, the infected or inflamed pulp can result in an abscess. Several other signs can signal treatment is necessary, like sensitivity to cold or hot things, tender gums, and a darkening of the gums.

How does treatment save a tooth?

After removing the pulp, the dentist cleans the space and seals it with a dental composite. If the dentist has decided a crown is needed, an additional appointment will be necessary. Putting on a crown protects the tooth. It also restores the tooth’s normal functioning.

Is a root canal painful?

The procedure itself is not painful. For a short time after the root canal treatment, dental discomfort is not unusual. It can be relieved with typical over-the-counter medications. If the pain does not go away within a few days, a call to the dentist is necessary to have the site checked.

What is okay to do after a root canal?

Aftercare of a root canal is not difficult, but it does require a delicate touch. It is necessary to avoid chewing anything hard or chewy after a root canal until a crown is in place. Once a crown is installed, regular hygiene is all that is needed. If it becomes painful years down the road, a repeat treatment may be the most successful approach.

What can be eaten after a root canal?

Soft foods are acceptable after a root canal treatment. Things like yogurt or applesauce are good examples of the texture to look for in food. Avoid eating anything hard because it can hurt the tooth. If the tooth gets cracked, then it will have to be extracted.

Is it okay to smoke after treatment?

Smoking is never a good idea after treatment. It can increase the risk of additional procedures in the future. The more a person smokes, the more likely a root canal will be needed again. It is a good idea to avoid smoking if at all possible.

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A few final thoughts

Root canal treatments are not as scary as they once were, and you can get it done in a couple of appointments. As an effective treatment, you can restore the functionality of your tooth and relieve pain at the same time. After a root canal, you want to be careful with your tooth. Do not eat anything hard that could crack or break it until after the dentist installs the crown.

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