Gentle Dentist Treatments


At South Florida Dental Arts, we are a gentle dentist that provides our Miami patients with ways to receive the dental care they need without the fear or anxiety that is traditionally associated with receiving dental care. Millions of adults suffer from dental anxiety and this condition can be so debilitating that it precludes some people from receiving the necessary dental care that they need. In fact, we've spoken with many patients that prior to visiting our office were fearful about having their teeth cleaned. In situations like these, it is critical that you visit a sedation dentistry office that can provide you with relief. At South Florida Dental Arts, we can help you as we have helped so many of our local patients.  To experience how relaxing and comfortable dentistry can actually be, call (305) 230-4041 and schedule an appointment with our 33155 dental office.

Why You Should Visit a Gentle Dentist in Miami, FL

  • You will have a positive experience.
  • You can relax and may even fall asleep.
  • There will be no discomfort for you to worry about.
  • You will be feeling good before ever receiving a shot or having dental work started.

What is Conscious Oral Sedation?

Typically, we give patients a small pill to take prior to the procedure starting. This may be Valium, as an example. By simply taking the pill prior to your treatment, you will enter a complete state of relaxation and calm that will not be disturbed once the dental work has begun. As a result, you will not need to worry about how your gums or teeth will feel when dental tools touch them and the sound or smell created by the dental drill will not cause you anxiety. It really is that simple. You do not need to be hooked up to an IV or be heavily monitored in order to be sedated. All you need to do is be able to take the smallest of pills and you will begin to feel relaxed.  Afterward, our 33155 gentle dentist will go to work addressing any oral health challenges you are facing.

Sedation Dentistry from a Gentle Dentist vs. Sleep Dentistry

You should know that sedation dentistry is different from sleep dentistry. In our office, our Florida patients are generally awake during procedures but relax and calm thanks to sedation dentistry. On the other hand, sleep dentistry is where you are fully put under and are not awake for any of the procedure. There are distinct advantages to both. For example, if you are having teeth replaced with dental implants, going to sleep is certainly a wise course of action. However, if you are merely having your teeth cleaned, cavities fixed, or even a root canal, it is in your best interest to stay awake and alert because that will allow you to continue to function like normal and also to leave our office quickly once the procedure has been completed.

Visit Our Miami Office to Experience the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

We encourage you to call our office at (305) 230-4041 and schedule an appointment for sedation dentistry. As a gentle dentist, we are confident that we can provide the dental care you need in a way that is entirely safe, relaxing, and effective.

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