How a Root Canal Can Affect Your Oral Health

Root Canal Treatment Miami, FL

A root canal is done to fix an infected tooth, prevent further spread of infection, and keep the tooth functional. Continue reading to learn more about the effect of a root canal on oral health.

The root canal and oral health

Tooth decay is the result of bacteria on the teeth. They produce acids that break down the tooth enamel to form a cavity or hole in the tooth. If the cavity is not treated on time, it will progress through the layers of the tooth until it gets to the pulp, which lies at the tooth’s center. If untreated, the resulting infection will reach the root canals and affect the bone.

A tooth that suffers decay or damage that affects its inner layer, the dental pulp, is exposed to infection or irritation. To stop the spread of infection to nearby tissue, teeth, and bone, the dental professional will recommend the root canal procedure. The procedure is straightforward and involves accessing the tooth’s structure to remove the inflamed or infected pulp tissue under the dentin layers.

The purpose of the root canal treatment is to remove the infected pulp and disinfect the tooth and ensure that the infection does not affect other parts of the oral cavity or cause serious damage. The dentist will seal the root canals to protect the tooth from future infections. The procedure prevents the need to extract the tooth and protects the natural tooth structure.

The procedure

The pulp chamber of the tooth contains living tissues, like nerves and blood vessels. An infection of this chamber can cause severe pain to patients, which may radiate through the jaw and the head. For the root canal procedure, the dentist will create a tiny hole on the tooth so they can reach inside the tooth and remove the infected tissue.

The pulp, debris, and bacteria in the tooth will be cleaned out via the small access hole. The tooth’s layer will be cleaned properly. The dental professional might also apply medication to disinfect the area thoroughly and protect against future occurrences. The pulp chamber, which is now empty, will be filled with sealer paste (gutta percha), and filling material is used to cover the access hole on the tooth.

The dentist will provide a crown to cover the tooth’s structure to fortify it against damage and bacteria. The crown is usually custom-made for the patient from tooth-colored materials like porcelain or ceramic, so the tooth blends in with the rest of the smile.

In conclusion

If the dentist recommends root canal treatment, that means it is necessary to save the tooth and improve your oral health. If you would like to learn more about the procedure, please contact the dental office to book an appointment with the general dentist.

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