How CEREC Crowns are Made by Your Dentist

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CEREC® crowns are a much quicker and more convenient alternative to traditional ones. We will explain what they are and how they work.

What are CEREC crowns?

They are crowns made through special technology. CAM or computer-aided manufacturing is used to take images of your teeth, then convert those images into a 3D model. The model is used to mill a crown from ceramic. The crown will be a perfect match for your tooth when it is attached to it. Usually, crowns require multiple appointments because impressions of your teeth need to be taken, and crowns are created outside of the dentist’s office. Still, this technology allows for everything to happen in the office and within a short time frame.

How are they made?

As with traditional crowns, the first step is a preliminary consultation, at which point X-rays will be taken. This will help the dentist make sure that crowns are the right option for you, and it will let them know if you need root canal therapy. Then, they will numb the area around the tooth and file your tooth down to prepare it for a crown. A filling may be necessary if there is not enough of your tooth to reinforce the crown.

This is where the procedure for traditional crowns differs from CEREC crowns. A special scanner will be used to take pictures inside your mouth; these pictures will allow the technology to create a 3D model of the inside of your mouth. The CAM software will use this model to determine what shape your crown should be. Once determined, the information will be sent to a machine that will mill the correct shape from a ceramic block. This is a quick process, as it will only take fifteen minutes at most. 

The process is almost complete, but there is still a little more to do. The dentist will then polish it and color-match it to your teeth to ensure that it doesn’t look obvious when it’s in your mouth. Lastly, they will cement it to your tooth to permanently attach it.

What are the benefits instead of traditional crowns?

The most obvious is the speed of the process. Not only is this more convenient, but it also means you won’t have to wear a temporary crown as you wait for your permanent one to be created. Temporary crowns are more likely to fall off, which can cause pain and worsened decay. The material is also color-matched to your teeth, unlike all regular crowns, as some are made with bright, shiny metals.

How should you take care of your new crowns?

Proper dental care is vital. On top of that, you should avoid foods that can damage your CEREC crowns, such as sticky or hard foods, particularly right after you get them to put in. If tooth sensitivity is an issue for you after the procedure, a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth might be helpful. 

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