How Durable are CEREC Crowns?

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CEREC® crowns are a more convenient way to get your tooth crowned. The acronym stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and it has revolutionized the way crowns are now placed. These crowns are made from solid ceramic blocks, and they are very durable. A CEREC crown can last over 30 years when properly maintained.

Traditionally, getting a crown requires having to make two visits to a dentist. This was mainly due to the fact that the restoration had to be made in a dental lab and sent back to the clinic. The process can take up to two weeks, forcing the patient to make two trips to the dentist while having to wait up to two weeks to get their crown installed. The first visit is used to prepare the tooth and take an impression, while the second visit is used to place the patient’s customized crown. Thanks to CEREC, this entire process can be completed during a single visit in about an hour.

What to expect when getting a CEREC crown

Before CEREC became a possibility, people often dreaded having to get a crown since it meant multiple dental trips and about two weeks to complete the treatment. It also meant the patient would have to put up with an ill-fitting temporary crown during that period, and they would have to bite down on a strange-tasting dental mold so an impression of their tooth could be made. Thanks to CEREC, crowns are now more affordable and detailed, plus patients get to skip out on the two-week waiting period.

The process

Once it has been determined that a crown is the right solution for the patient’s dental issue, their teeth are prepared in the same manner as getting a traditional crown. This involves injecting the patient with a shot of a local anesthetic and removing enamel from all four sides of the tooth.

The dentist then uses digital photos to create a 3D model of the patient’s tooth. The model is projected on a CEREC screen the dentist uses to design the person’s restoration. The crown is designed to look just like the rest of the patient’s teeth, but it can be customized to suit their needs.  

A ceramic block that is the same color as the rest of the patient’s teeth is then fed into the CEREC machine so the patient’s tooth can be made. The process takes about 20 minutes to make the patient’s customized restoration. The patient walks out of the clinic with their smile fully restored.

Benefits of choosing same-day crowns over conventional crowns include:

  • CEREC provides a more convenient alternative
  • More affordable than conventional crowns
  • CEREC crowns are more detailed than conventional crowns
  • Eliminates the need for temporary crowns
  • Looks natural
  • The patient gets a durable restoration

Restore your tooth with a crown

A crown provides a long-term solution for a severely decayed or damaged tooth. Call or visit our Miami clinic to learn more about how crowns can be used to restore your smile.

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