How Long Does a Snap-On Smile Last?

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A Snap-On Smile® is a form of dental restoration. Many patients find it better than removable dentures or veneers. The common question about it is its longevity. If you want to find out how long a Snap-On Smile lasts, here are the details.

The definition

This type of dental appliance does not involve the removal of a healthy tooth structure. A Snap-On Smile does not involve drilling, injections, adhesives, or cementation at all. Its design is patented, functional, and strong. Its structure allows it to hug the neighboring teeth. This allows the patient to speak and eat without worrying that the snap-on restoration will shift or loosen.

It has a tooth-borne type of retention. Snap-On Smile does not press on the gums. It does not cover the palate like a removable denture. The patient can remove it with ease and make it reversible.

The material

A Snap-On Smile’s primary material is crystallized acetyl resin. This material is stain-resistant and more durable. The durability of crystallized acetyl resin allows the manufacturers of this snap-on restoration to make it 0.5 millimeters thin. The company can do this without sacrificing the strength of the dental appliance.

Crystallized acetyl resin is capable of withstanding the pressure demands of various thicknesses. It yields a more natural appearance in a Snap-On Smile. This non-toxic material is also a component in the manufacturing of replacement heart valves. NASA even uses it in craft cabinetry.

Crystallized acetyl resin is a high-performance material. It is indispensable in the engineering of various items in the medical health, electronics, and food industries. The automotive, sports, kitchen, and hardware industries also use crystallized acetyl resin in their products. Versatility is one of the exemplary traits of this material.

This material is resistant to abrasion, impact, and chemicals. These strong traits allow the use of crystallized acetyl resin in the manufacturing of products for tough environments and use. Aside from its durability, this material can also have different shades. That is why Snap-On Smile is becoming a popular choice among dental patients. It has aesthetic and functional value.

The longevity

A snap-on dental appliance lasts for about two to five years because of the durability of crystalline acetyl resin. It may be less lasting than dental implants and veneers. But these snap-on dental appliances appear like natural teeth. The patient must also consider some areas without gaps between teeth.

The Snap-On Smile dental appliance fits over the patient’s teeth. This may feel bulky, but the thickness means extra strength as well. It is easier to use with the snap-on mechanism. It can also make the patient feel secure when speaking, eating, and laughing.

A Snap-On Smile can last for years with proper care and maintenance

You can have a Snap-On Smile if you want a non-invasive, convenient, and durable way to restore your smile. This dental appliance gives proper support to your weakened teeth. It can also improve your smile by concealing imperfections. An appointment with your dentist can start your journey to having a Snap-On Smile experience.

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