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Dental crowns are one of the most common ways to restore a tooth that is in bad shape. They have been used in dentistry for decades, proving to be an effective treatment option. While the act of placing a dental crown seems pretty straightforward, there are a few steps involved. When preparing to undergo dental crown placement, it may be helpful to become familiar with what it entails. Keep reading to find out!

A guide to getting a dental crown

Below is a quick overview of what it is like to get a dental crown placed. The following information outlines what to expect during the procedure, as well as what life is like afterward.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that are in bad shape due to decay, cracks, chips or other imperfections, such as stains. They are also used in conjunction with dental implants and bridges, acting as the replacement tooth.

Originally, dental crowns were only offered in metal materials, with gold being the strongest and metal alloys being the most affordable. However, over time, the technology has improved, thus allowing for many options, such as porcelain, composite resin or hybrid options combining porcelain with metal. Regardless of the material chosen, the dental crown placement procedure is relatively the same for all. 

The procedure

Outlined below are each of the steps that a dentist takes in order to successfully place a dental crown. 

  1. A numbing agent is applied to the area around the tooth requiring a dental crown
  2. The decayed or damaged tooth is drilled into so that any infected areas can be removed
  3. A dental tool is used to completely disinfect and clean out the tooth so that nothing gets left behind, which could cause further damage
  4. The dentist takes a small impression of the tooth so that the dental lab can custom make the permanent dental crown
  5. A temporary composite resin dental crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage
  6. After a week or two, the patient returns to the dentist's office in order to have the permanent dental crown placed 
  7. Once the temporary dental crown has been removed, the dentist will carefully place the permanent one atop the tooth. Any adjustments will be made to ensure a proper and snug fit

It is important to note that the steps listed above may vary depending on the patient's situation. Some dental offices offer same-day dental crowns, which would eliminate the need for two appointments. 

Life after

After dental crown placement, patients can return to normal life. Eating can be done, as usual; however, it is recommended to avoid sticky or tough foods that could cause damage to the crown. 

Consult with the dentist

Want to find out more about dental crown placement? Talking with a general dentist is the next step to take! Questions or concerns about the procedure can be addressed, and an evaluation can be done in order to determine the best type of dental crown material. Reach out today to learn more or to get scheduled for an appointment. 

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