Teeth Whitening in Miami

Posted on: August 2, 2014

Dental-Veneers-Before-After-2013Many items can discolor your teeth over time. Smoking, coffee, tea, wine and foods can all dull the whiteness of your teeth. Finding a teeth whitening solution in Miami that will brighten your smile can be confusing. There are many options available but understanding which option is right for you can be difficult.Typically, the at home products tend to be less effective than in office teeth whitening dentist treatments. At home teeth whitening products are usually less potent, take longer and only change the color slightly.

At Home Teeth Whitening Products in Miami

Some examples of at home products that can be purchased in Miami for teeth whitening include:Whitening Rinses – Whitening rinses are used in a similar manner as mouth wash and contain whitening agents. They are easy since you just have to swirl the liquid around your mouth and rinse. Since, the teeth whitening agents are only in contact with your teeth for a short period, your teeth take longer to whiten and only change slightly in color.Gel Strips – Gel strips have become increasingly popular over the past few years because of ease of use, however, you may not get an even color across your teeth. Also, this item tends to be less potent than dental office procedures and will probably not perform as well.Whitening Toothpaste – Whitening toothpaste uses mild abrasives and/or enzymes that remove surface stains on teeth. They tend to not brighten teeth as well as dental procedures and some people can develop sensitive teeth by using this product.Whitening Trays – At home whitening trays are plastic trays filled with whitening gel that fits over persons teeth similar to a mouth guard but smaller. These tend to whiten teeth faster than the other items above but typically aren’t as effective as in-office dental whitening procedures. These trays are not custom fitted to your teeth and can rub or irritate your gums.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Produces

Whitening your teeth at your local dentist in Miami tends to have better results than at home products. Dentists will typically make a custom-made tray that fits over your teeth. This tray is fitted to your mouth and filled with bleaching solution that has strong whitening agents than at home solutions. You can bring and use these whitening trays as home to continue improving your smile. Often Miami dentists will use a light or heat source that can speed of the teeth whitening process.

So What Do I Do?

Finding the right solution tends to be a subjective. If your teeth and gums are in great condition and you don’t need much of a change in color, you may want to consider a product you can purchase for at home use. They tend to be less expensive and easy to use, however, they also have weaker whitening agents, take longer to work, and can irritate people with sensitive gums or teeth.Using a dentist for teeth whitening will typically speed up the process. Dental teeth whitening procedures are usually stronger than over the counter whitening kits so you get quicker and better results. Although more expensive, they over the counter solutions, dental whitening procedures are reasonable priced.You should always speak to your dentist prior to making a decision about your mouth. If you have sensitive teeth and gums you should especially speak with your local dentist. Women that are pregnant or nursing should not use teeth whitening products.If you have any additional questions about your own particular situation, please contact us to set an appointment so we can discuss your options. To speak with our friendly staff, contact us at 305-230-4041.

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