Frequently Asked Questions About a Gentle Dentist

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Gentle dentists are a group of highly trained dentists who pride themselves in making patients feel comfortable and in control. During an appointment in the dentist chair, children and adults alike often feel fearful. The remedy for this fear? Compassionate care.

What is a gentle dentist?

A gentle dentist uses various methods to make a patient feel comfortable and pain-free. He or she will listen to your concerns and take every worry into account when designing a stress-free experience tailored to your exact needs. Training for preventative dental care, specialty procedures and general dentistry treatments all fall under the gentle dentistry umbrella. These special dentists also strive to build lifelong relationships with patients. What services does a gentle dentist offer?

Dental cleanings and exams

There is no substitute for a professional dental cleaning, and there is no better place to get a cleaning than a gentle dentistry office. Be sure to talk to the dentist about any anxiety going into a cleaning. Gentle dentists understand that even a cleaning can be nerve-racking for those with an aversion to metal tools.

Preventative care training

Training adults and children on proper oral care is vital in preventing dental issues down the line. Teaching the right way to brush and floss teeth and for how long is something a gentle dentist excels at.

Oral cancer screenings

Catching signs of oral cancer early on is crucial in designing a treatment program to counteract the disease and slow its progression. Annual screenings are important to maintain a healthy mouth.

Cavity fillings

Dental anxiety often arises from a fear of the drill. Even the noise can set some on edge. Gentle dentists can administer medication before a filling so the patient is completely comfortable during the procedure. The dentist will also help the patient feel in control during an appointment by suggesting the patient raises his or her hand when a break is needed.

Mouth guards

Adults who grind their teeth while sleeping, medically known as bruxism, can prevent damage with a mouthguard. These personalized trays help to lessen the effects of grinding by limiting contact between tooth surfaces.

Fluoride treatments for children

Teeth are more vulnerable to decay in childhood. A fluoride varnish or oral rinse will help to fortify the enamel and promote healthy jaw development in your child.

What about dental emergencies?

A gentle dentist can schedule a same-day appointment for most dental emergencies. If you have an extreme toothache, call your dentist right away. The sooner the tooth or teeth can be examined, the sooner your dentist will be able to treat you.

How do I make an appointment for the whole family?

Since gentle dentists are trained to treat patients of all ages, scheduling an appointment for the whole family becomes simple. Make one appointment for your spouse, yourself and your kids to ensure everyone receives dental care promptly. A single dental cleaning appointment for the family also makes children feel more comfortable.

Do you offer specialist care?

Our staff consists of an array of experts, from periodontists and orthodontists to a qualified team of dentists and hygienists. Likely, you will not have to go anywhere else for specialist care, and we can take care of any oral issues right at the office.

How much does dental care cost?

The dentists at a gentle dental practice want to make your experience as relaxing as possible. This includes working with your budget. Affordable, quality care is the goal for every valued patient.

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