How Often Should I Use Teeth Whitening Trays?

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Teeth whitening treatments typically involve using whitening trays to evenly apply the products used to whiten the patient's teeth. These custom trays also protect the patient's gums by preventing the whitening product from getting into the gums and irritating the tissue there.

Spacing out your teeth whitening treatments with whitening trays

Teeth whitening treatments involve using products that contain hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredient. The molecules of the bleaching agent penetrate teeth enamel and enter the inner layers of teeth. They react with stains and discoloration, oxidizing them away.

The chemical reactions that take place during teeth whitening can weaken enamel. It is why many people experience increased teeth sensitivity for the first few days after getting teeth whitening treatments. It is a minor issue that typically goes away after a few days. However, getting teeth whitening treatments too often can damage teeth enamel.

When it comes to how often a person should whiten their teeth, the answer varies depending on the type of teeth whitening process a person is using. Most teeth whiteners have a unique timetable regulating how often they should be used.

A second factor that determines how often a person should whiten their teeth is how stained or discolored their teeth are. People with badly stained teeth need more treatments to get their teeth to the desired shade of white.

Here are some general guidelines for how often a person should whiten their teeth:

  • Dentists typically recommend getting one or two professional whitening treatments per year.
  • At-home whitening kits can be used for up to 14 consecutive days. People who have gotten professional whitening can maintain their results by using these kits a few times a year.
  • People with sensitive teeth cannot whiten their teeth as often as others.

People who fail to heed these instructions and whiten their teeth excessively might find themselves dealing with:

  • Tooth sensitivity: This is the most common side effect of teeth whitening treatments. Overusing teeth whitening products increases the intensity and duration of the condition.
  • Bleeding or inflamed gums: This can occur if the whitening agent gets into the patient's gums and it is not cleaned off immediately. It can also be the result of the patient's mouth reacting negatively to the whitening agent.
  • Bluish teeth: Teeth that have been overexposed to whitening products tend to have a blue tint to them. It is a sign a person's enamel has been worn down, and weak enamel can lead to the tooth's nerve becoming damaged.

OTC products

The most common people to overuse whitening products are those that use over-the-counter products. Many of these contain abrasive ingredients that can damage teeth enamel, and the patient does not get evaluated by a dentist to determine how often they should be whitening their teeth. Getting teeth whitened by a dentist means the patient's treatment is supervised and monitored to prevent overusing whitening products.

Teeth whitening is safe for teeth when done right

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