CEREC Single Visit Dentistry — No Need for a Return Dental Visit

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CEREC® crowns are revolutionizing dentistry. Patients no longer need multiple visits to get a dental crown. Instead, these crowns can be made directly in the dental office on the same day, saving precious time.

Not only are these restorations convenient, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. The crowns are made from tooth-colored ceramic, and there are many shades from which to choose. Dentists use them to restore front and back teeth. When well-cared for, this type of crown can last for years.

The CEREC® crown process

Patients in need of a CEREC® crown should know what to expect at the appointment. After just one visit, the patient leaves with the final restoration.

Tooth preparation

Prepping a tooth for a CEREC® crown used the same method as preparing a tooth for a lab-made crown. The dentist uses a variety of burs to shave down the tooth, removing a few millimeters of enamel from the sides and top of the tooth.

Intraoral scans

After the dentist prepares the tooth, digital impressions are taken. A special scanner is used that captures renderings of the patient's teeth and gums. Taking digital scans is much more comfortable for the patient than traditional impression materials, making CEREC® crowns an even more attractive option.


Dentists use computer-aided design to create the dental crown directly in the office. They can change the shape, size, and color before milling. Often, patients get to watch the entire design process, as the dentist can do it chairside. Many dentists show the patient the final rendering before making the crown so the patient can approve it.


Once the design is finalized, the milling process begins. CEREC® technology uses computer-aided machining. A block of ceramic is placed into the mill, and special burs create a natural-looking crown that has detailed anatomy. This process typically takes less than 30 minutes. 


After milling, the dentist makes sure the crown fits onto the prepared tooth. Any necessary adjustments are made. The CEREC® crown is then placed into a dental furnace. This important step usually takes less than 30 minutes and is necessary for curing the crown's glaze.

Crown placement

Once the crown cools, it is ready to be cemented into place. The dentist uses permanent cement to secure the crown on the prepared tooth. An X-ray may be taken to ensure the CEREC® fits correctly on the tooth, and any final adjustments are made. The patient now has a permanent crown that only required one appointment.


CAD/CAM dentistry continues to grow in popularity. Treatment is completed in fewer visits, and the dentist is better able to control the design of the restoration. Dentists value the reliability of these crowns, and patients appreciate the convenience.

CEREC® technology is beneficial for many patients. Those in need of a dental crown should discuss this restorative method with a dentist to find out if it is the right choice.

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