Why You Should Get a Tooth Replacement As Soon As Possible

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Miami, FL

Tooth replacement is important to avoid more severe concerns that can make replacing the tooth more challenging. This review discusses the risks of not replacing a missing tooth promptly to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not tooth replacement is right for you.

The importance of prompt tooth replacement after tooth loss

Tooth replacement is important to avoid a cosmetic concern, the shifting of other teeth, compromised mouth function, bone loss in the jaw, and a more complex replacement procedure. 7The following is a closer look at each risk of not replacing a missing tooth promptly.

Tooth loss can cause a cosmetic concern

One of the primary reasons patients seek immediate care after a tooth falls out or is knocked out is to address the cosmetic concern it can cause. Missing a tooth, especially a tooth that is more visible, can cause a serious aesthetic concern, impact the confidence one has in their smile. Dentists can replace a missing tooth promptly with a restoration that looks just the same as a natural tooth.

Teeth can shift after a tooth falls out

Teeth can also begin to shift after another tooth falls out of the mouth. This is because teeth typically try to fill space inside the mouth, whereas they had a more clearly defined position before tooth loss. Fast tooth replacement can help ensure unwanted teeth shifting does not occur as a result of a missing tooth.

Mouth function may be compromised by tooth loss

We often take for granted our ability to chew, until we are missing one or more of our teeth. After tooth loss, many quickly find it more of a challenge to chew food the way they desire, and some even have a harder time speaking. Replacing a missing tooth can restore the ability to eat in an ideal manner.

Bone loss in the jaw can occur

One of the purposes of the jawbone is to support teeth. When tooth loss occurs, the jaw to an extent loses this purpose. This can lead to bone atrophy in the jaw, particularly in the area that was supporting the tooth. This can lead to the need for a bone graft if the patient chooses a dental implant restoration.

Tooth replacement may become more challenging the longer you wait

As mentioned, a bone graft may be required due to bone atrophy in the jaw if the patient waits too long for tooth replacement. On the other hand, promptly replacing the tooth can minimize the complexities of the tooth replacement process, regardless of whether you choose an implant restoration, fixed bridge, or partial removable denture.

Schedule a consultation to find out about your tooth replacement options

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