Is Snap-On Smile® for Everyday Use?

Snap On Smile Miami, FL

Snap-on Smile® may be beneficial to patients who want to immediately change their smile. This unique, custom-made appliance fits directly onto the teeth like a whitening tray or aligner. Snap-on Smile is a pleasant, easy-to-wear cosmetic device made from impressions of a person’s teeth. It can hide a wide range of aesthetic problems. Also, it does not require the removal of enamel or a long preparation procedure.

Can a Snap-On Smile® be used every day?

Patients can wear the Snap-On Smile every day for the rest of their life. However, unless the dentist encourages the patient to use it as a mouthguard against bruxism while sleeping, it is recommended that the patient removes and cleans the device before going to bed.

Just like any other dental device, proper maintenance is necessary. It is long-lasting due to the specifically designed resin. To minimize unwanted twisting or bending of the Snap-On Smile appliance, dentists recommend that patients insert and remove it using both hands.

How Snap-On Smile improves the smile’s appearance

Patients who have lost teeth and are not eligible for a conventional bridge or dental implants may benefit from the procedure. Individuals with jawbone deterioration or teeth that are too damaged to support a bridge, for example, might be good candidates.

Snap-On Smile can also be used to temporarily replace lost teeth while a patient's jaws recover following implant surgery. Many dentists also prescribe the device to those who are getting comprehensive aesthetic makeovers. However, patients with tooth decay or gum disease must first receive treatment for these issues.

Snap-On Smile is very thin and fits over the natural teeth. As a result, it can be used as an alternative to partial dentures. In addition, it can work with whatever teeth are left and use them as anchors to keep the new smile in place. This is a quick and less-invasive approach to restore the beauty and natural appearance of the smile.

The Snap-On Smile treatment process

Only two visits to the dentist are required to have a personalized Snap-on Smile. At the initial visit, patients will discuss their smile goals. The dentist will then take impressions of the teeth to ensure that the arch fits perfectly. Finally, patients will select various colors and designs to guarantee a near-perfect match with their natural teeth.

Each Snap-on Smile is custom-made in a proprietary facility and takes around three weeks to complete. Patients will return for a second appointment once the device is ready. They can also request minor modifications if necessary. However, the lab’s accuracy and high-quality materials make this rarely needed.

Ready for a Snap-On Smile®?

Many people choose artificial dental arches because they want to improve the appearance of their mouths fast and affordably. However, even if you have a Snap-On Smile, you may be a candidate for other cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers and teeth whitening. Since these procedures take longer than Snap-On Smile, you can continue to wear the prosthesis while these more permanent cosmetic procedures are being prepared.

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